I used the troubleshooting guide at


and exported using


This was for the DATA_DOMAIN not hosted storage but it may help.


Paul S.

From: users-boun...@ovirt.org <users-boun...@ovirt.org> on behalf of Phillip 
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Sent: 17 July 2017 20:05
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Subject: [ovirt-users] Hosted Engine/NFS Troubles


I'm having trouble with my hosted engine setup (v4.0) and could use some help. 
The problem I'm having is that whenever I try to add additional hosts to the 
setup via webadmin, the operation fails due to storage-related issues.

webadmin shows the following error messages:

"Host <host name> cannot access the Storage Domain(s) hosted_storage attached 
to the Data Center Default. Setting Host state to Non-Operational.
Failed to connect Host ovirt-node-1 to Storage Pool Default"

The VDSM log from the host shows the following error message:

13:01:11,483::sdc::146::Storage.StorageDomainCache::(_findDomain) domain 
ca044720-e5cf-40a8-8b21-57a17026db7c not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/sdc.py", line 144, in _findDomain
    dom = findMethod(sdUUID)
  File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/sdc.py", line 174, in _findUnfetchedDomain
    raise se.StorageDomainDoesNotExist(sdUUID)
StorageDomainDoesNotExist: Storage domain does not exist: 

The engine log shows the following error messages:

"2017-07-17 18:32:11,409 ERROR 
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-34) [] Domain 
'ca044720-e5cf-40a8-8b21-57a17026db7c:hosted_storage' was reported with error 
code '358'
2017-07-17 18:32:11,410 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.InitVdsOnUpCommand] 
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-34) [] Storage Domain 'hosted_storage' of pool 
'Default' is in problem in host 'ovirt-node-1'
2017-07-17 18:32:11,487 ERROR 
(org.ovirt.thread.pool-6-thread-34) [] Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: null, 
Custom Event ID: -1, Message: Host ovirt-node-1 reports about one of the Active 
Storage Domains as Problematic."

I have ownership set to vdsm/kvm and full rwx rights enabled on both 
directories. I have successfully mounted both the master domain and the 
hosted_storage manually on one of the hosts I'm trying to add. I have attached 
the engine log and the VDSM log for that host.

Could someone please help me figure out what's causing this?

-Phillip Bailey
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