CC-ing Ohad and Ivan from the Foreman team to take a look.

Also, by default, RHV 4.1 will use v4 of the api, so you have to use a URL
in Foreman that uses v3 (as Foreman doesn't support v4 yet).

I assume that's not your issue, otherwise you would have encountered more
basic issues.

Also, can you please share your logs from both environments?

Ohad/Ivan, any clue?


On Jul 24, 2017 18:08, "Davide Ferrari" <> wrote:

Hello list

is anybody successfully using oVirt + Foreman for VM creation +

I'm using Foremn (latest version, 1.15.2) with latest oVirt version (4.1.3)
but I'm encountering several problem, especially related to disks. For

- cannot create a VM with multiple disks though Foreman CLI (hammer)

- if I create a multidisk VM from Foreman, the second disk always gets the
"bootable" flag and not the primary image, making the VMs not bootable at

Any other Foreman user sharing the pain here? Foramn's list is not so
useful so I'm trying to ask here. How do you programmatically create
virtual machines with oVirt and Foreman? Should I switch do directly using
oVirt API?

Thanks in advance


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