2017-07-25 7:42 GMT+02:00 Kasturi Narra <kna...@redhat.com>:

> These errors are because not having glusternw assigned to the correct
> interface. Once you attach that these errors should go away.  This has
> nothing to do with the problem you are seeing.


You talking  about errors like these?

2017-07-24 15:54:02,209+02 WARN  [org.ovirt.engine.core.vdsbro
ker.gluster.GlusterVolumesListReturn] (DefaultQuartzScheduler2) [b7590c4]
Could not associate brick 'gdnode01:/gluster/engine/brick' of volume
'd19c19e3-910d-437b-8ba7-4f2a23d17515' with correct network as no gluster
network found in cluster '00000002-0002-0002-0002-00000000017a'

How to assign "glusternw (???)" to the correct interface?

Other errors on unsync gluster elements still remain... This is a
production env, so, there is any chance to subscribe to RH support?

Thank you
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