1) RAID5 may be a performance hit

2) I'd be inclined to do this as JBOD by creating a distributed disperse
volume on each server.  Something like

echo gluster volume create dispersevol disperse-data 5 redundancy 2 \
$(for SERVER in a b c; do for BRICK in $(seq 1 5); do echo -e
"server${SERVER}:/brick/brick-${SERVER}${BRICK}/brick \c"; done; done)

3) I think the above

4) Gluster does support tiering, but IIRC you'd need the same number of SSD
as spindle drives.  There may be another way to use the SSD as a fast

Where are you putting the OS?

Hope I understood the question...


On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 10:49 PM, Moacir Ferreira <moacirferre...@hotmail.com
> wrote:

> I am willing to assemble a oVirt "pod", made of 3 servers, each with 2 CPU
> sockets of 12 cores, 256GB RAM, 7 HDD 10K, 1 SSD. The idea is to use
> GlusterFS to provide HA for the VMs. The 3 servers have a dual 40Gb NIC and
> a dual 10Gb NIC. So my intention is to create a loop like a server triangle
> using the 40Gb NICs for virtualization files (VMs .qcow2) access and to
> move VMs around the pod (east /west traffic) while using the 10Gb
> interfaces for giving services to the outside world (north/south traffic).
> This said, my first question is: How should I deploy GlusterFS in such
> oVirt scenario? My questions are:
> 1 - Should I create 3 RAID (i.e.: RAID 5), one on each oVirt node, and
> then create a GlusterFS using them?
> 2 - Instead, should I create a JBOD array made of all server's disks?
> 3 - What is the best Gluster configuration to provide for HA while not
> consuming too much disk space?
> 4 - Does a oVirt hypervisor pod like I am planning to build, and the
> virtualization environment, benefits from tiering when using a SSD disk?
> And yes, will Gluster do it by default or I have to configure it to do so?
> At the bottom line, what is the good practice for using GlusterFS in small
> pods for enterprises?
> You opinion/feedback will be really appreciated!
> Moacir
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