Hi guys,

I need to move a VM from one cluster (cluster1) using FC storage with 4
hosts, to a separate cluster (cluster 2) with only 1 NEW host that has
local storage only.

What would be the best way to do this?

All I aim to achieve is to have a single NEW host that has local storage
that I can run a single VM on, which is manageable via oVirt, so even if it
means adding the NEW host as a separate DC, how can I copy or move (not
live) the VM to this new host?

I've tried exporting the VM to an export domain on cluster1, but I can't
seem to figure out how to "attach" the export domain to cluster2 with the
NEW host.

If I go to "Import VM" on cluster2, I get a message saying "Not available
when no export domain is active" if I try and attach the same export domain
that was used to export the VM in cluster1, it says I can't because it's
already assigned to the cluster, so I'm really confused as to how to go
about doing this.

Any help and guidance is appreciated.



Neil Wilson.
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