Can you provide engine and VDSM logs ?

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 8:17 AM, Juan Pablo <>

> Hi guys, good morning/night .
> first of all thanks to all the community and the whole team, you are doing
> a great effort .
> Today Im having an issue with ovirt 4.1.2 running as hosted engine over
> nfs. and data storage over iscsi.
> I found out of the problem when I tried to migrate one vm to another host
> and I got an error, so I powered off the vm's on that host and started them
> on the backup host with no problem, then I set the first host into
> mainteinance mode and after some minutes I restarted it(as usual). when it
> came back online, the whole dc turned RED as unavailable.
> can anyone please help me out?
> thanks, JP
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