That is great Kasturi, thanks!

I will go over these steps just to make sure nothing is missing. But it looks 
the right way to do it. The only step that looks strange is the step 6 to 
shutdown. I always though that if I shutdown a HA protected machine oVirt would 
then launch it back again. So in my thoughts I would do the step 6 before step 
4. This said, am I missing something?


From: Kasturi Narra <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:51 AM
To: Moacir Ferreira
Cc: Erekle Magradze;
Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] How to shutdown an oVirt cluster with Gluster and 
hosted engine

       You can follow the steps below to do that.

1) Stop all the virtual machines.

2) Move all the storage domains other than hosted_storage to maintenance which 
will unmount them from all the nodes.

3)  Move HE to global maintenance 'hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode 

4) stop HE vm by running the command 'hosted-engine --vm-shutdown'

5) confirm that engine is down using the command 'hosted-engine --vm-status'

6) stop ha agent and broker services on all the nodes by running the command 
'systemctl stop ovirt-ha-broker' ; 'systemctl stop ovirt-ha-agent'

7) umount hosted-engine from all the hypervisors 'hosted-engine 

8) stop all the volumes.

9) power off all the hypervisors.

To bring it up back again below steps will help.

1) Power on all the hypervisors.

2) start all the volumes

3) start ha agent and broker services on all the nodes by running the command 
'systemctl start ovirt-ha-broker' ; 'systemctl start ovirt-ha-agent'

4) Move hosted-engine out of global maintenance by running the command 
hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode =none

5) give some time for the HE to come up. check for hosted-engine --vm-status to 
see if HE vm is up.

6) Activate all storage domains from UI.

7) start all virtual machines.

Hope this helps !!!



On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 2:27 AM, Moacir Ferreira 
<<>> wrote:

Sorry Erekle, I am just a beginner...

>From the hosted engine I can put the two other servers, that are not hosting 
>the hosted-engine, on maintenance, and that was what I did. When I tried to 
>put the last one on maintenance it did not allow me due to the hosted-engine 
>and I force it shunting down from the ssh CLI.

So, what should I do? My guess is that I should ssh to the hosted engine and 
shut it down. As it would not have another node to re-launch itself, then it 
would stay down. After this I should shutdown the oVirt node. Is it?

Anyway, I made a mistake and I forced it. When I try to bring the cluster back, 
I noticed that glusterd was not enabled to start when the node power-on. As I 
am a beginner, I "think" that there must be a reason to not start glusterd when 
the node comes up. So I started glusterd on the arbitrator (3rd server), then 
on the second node and finally on the host that was hosting the hosted-engine. 
It worked, but when I try to change the maintenance mode on the two nodes (2nd 
and 3rd) back to normal, the hosted-engine went down and I had to start it 

All this said, I would like to know how to bring the cluster down and how to 
bring it back on in the "right way" so I don't get problems. And yes, no VM is 
running but the hosted-engine.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


From: Erekle Magradze 
Sent: Monday, August 7, 2017 9:12 PM
To: Moacir Ferreira;<>
Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] How to shutdown an oVirt cluster with Gluster and 
hosted engine

Hi Moacir,

First switch off all VMs.

Second you need to declare hosts maintenance mode, don't start with SRM (of 
course if you are able use the ovirt-engine), it will ask you to shutdown the 
glusterfs on a machine.

Third if all machines are in maintenance mode, you can start shutting down them.

If you have hosted engine setup follow this [1]





OSVDC Series: oVirt 3.6 Cluster Shutdown and Startup 
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On 08/07/2017 08:58 PM, Moacir Ferreira wrote:

I have installed a oVirt cluster in a KVM virtualized test environment. Now, 
how do I properly shutdown the oVirt cluster, with Gluster and the hosted 

I.e.: I want to install a cluster of 3 servers and then send it to a remote 
office. How do I do it properly? I noticed that glusterd is not enabled to 
start automatically. And how do I deal with the hosted engine?



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