My name is Khoi. I'm totally new to Ovirt and i'd like to know some
knowledge related to Ovirt's architecture as well as how it works.
As far as i understand, in each "Node" we can have many "guest".
My questions are:

1.We need to install Ovirt management engine in order to manage system. But
that engine would be installed on "Node" or can be installed on "Guest"?

2.Let's say i have 2 "Node" with 4 "Guest" in each "Node"
It would be something like this
[ ■  ■] Node 1
[ ■  ■]

[ ■  ■]  Node 2
[ ■  ■]

If the management engine can be installed on the first guest of Node1, from
that we can manage everything in Node1 and Node2? Or we just only manage
the other guest in Node1?

3.Regard of High availability of Ovirt
If the first guest of Ovirt1 (which we install management engine on) went
down, what would happen? We can pull a image from Shared Storage and use it
to deploy a new management engine on other Guest? (On Node1 or Node2)

Best regards,

*Khoi Thinh*
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