i still don't completely understand the oVirt Node update process and the involved rpm packages.

We have 4 nodes, all running oVirt Node 4.1.3. Three of them show as available updates 'ovirt-node-ng-image-update-4.1.6-0.1.rc1.20170823083853.gitd646d2f.el7.centos' (i don't want run release candidates), one of them shows 'ovirt-node-ng-image-update-4.1.5-1.el7.centos' (this is what i like). The node that doesn't want to upgrade to '4.1.6-0.1.rc1' lacks the rpm package 'ovirt-node-ng-image-update-4.1.3-1.el7.centos.noarch', only has 'ovirt-node-ng-image-update-placeholder-4.1.3-1.el7.centos.noarch'. Also the version of ovirt-node-ng-nodectl is '4.1.3-0.20170709.0.el7' instead of '4.1.3-0.20170705.0.el7'. This node was the last one i installed and never made a version update before.

I only began using oVirt starting with 4.1, but already completed minor version upgrades of oVirt nodes. IIRC this 'mysterious' ovirt-node-ng-image-update package comes into place when updating a node for the first time after initial installation. Usually i wouldn't care about all of this, but now i have this RC update situation that i don't want. How is this supposed to work? How can i resolve it?


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