Hi All,

I've playing with ovirt self hosted engine setup and I even use it to
production for several VM. The setup I have is 3 server with gluster
storage in replica 2+1 (1 arbiter).
The data storage domain where VMs are stored is mounted with gluster
through ovirt. The performance I get for the VMs is very low and I was
thinking to switch and mount the same storage through NFS instead of

The only think I am hesitant is how can I ensure high availability of the
storage when I loose one server? I was thinking to have at /etc/hosts sth
like below: nfsmount nfsmount nfsmount

then use nfsmount as the server name when adding this domain through ovirt
Are there any other more elegant solutions? What do you do for such cases?
Note: gluster has the back-vol-file option which provides a lean way to
have redundancy on the mount point and I am using this when mounting with

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