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On 09/07/2017 02:21 PM, Karli Sjöberg wrote:

> Stupid question perhaps but, have I understood it correctly that all of
> us are going to have to create new accounts for the new mail-list
> system, if we don´t wish to log in using Fedora, GitHub or Google? Or
> are the existing local accounts going to be migrated as well?

There is no obligation to create an account. Your subscriptions will
continue working as before. You can also subscribe to new MLs without an
account. Nevertheless to unsubscribe or change your settings, as there
is no more a per-list email+password, you will need to create one.

As for local accounts, they cannot be migrated. Accounts are global
across the lists now, which makes settings practical for many things,
but you previously had subscribed with different passwords and
potentially different emails, so I guess it would be too complicated and
Mailman developers did not consider it.

Nevertheless you may recreate it using the "Sign-Up" link, and you will
receive a validation link by mail, so you do not have to rely on
"social" accounts. You can link other email addresses using the same
method in your account settings.

Hope that helps.


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