I have a VM VM1 that I would like to clone.
It has 3 disks: 2 of them on storage domain SDA, 1 of them (size 80Gb) on a
second storage domain SDB

I want the new VM to have all the 3 disks on SDA, because SDB has not
enough space to accomodate the cloned disk

I power off VM1, select it and then "Clone VM". It seems I have no options
at all and that I can only specify the name of the new VM, while oVirt
would copy the VM with exactlly the same disks and so I receive error

Error while executing action:


   - Cannot add VM. Low disk space on Storage Domain SDB.

Is this expected? In case it seems not very flexible.

So I create a snapshot of VM1 and then "Clone". Inside the "Resource
Allocation" section, the drop-down for the 3 disks seems not enabled, in
the sense that for every disk it contains only the name of the origin SD,
so for 2 disks it contains SDA and no other SD to be chosen, for 1 disk it
contains SDB and no other SD to be chosen.
See here:
Can anyone replicate this in 4.1.5 to see if it is a problem of mine?

So as a last resource I decide to copy disk by disk.
Apparently my VM1 disk in SDB is preallocated: at least this is what I see
if I select VM1, Snapshots, select the "Current" line (it is the only oe as
therer are no snapshots), "DIsks" in right subpane
See here for screenshot:

Any more comfortable and correct way from web admin gui to see disk type?

When I copy the disk it seems it tries to create a thin provisioned disk
and it takes about 4 hours to copy 80Gb of disks from SSD to SAS SD with
very few I/O activity on hypervisor in the mean time (I have only one node
in this test)
when I would expect around 40minutes with a throughput of at elast 40MB/s
with a sort of dd as the cemu-img command should be... instead the command
I see from command line is kind of
 /usr/bin/qemu-img convert -p -t none -T none -f qcow2
-O qcow2 -o compat=1.1

Also, if get this VM and create a snapshot of it I see this:
- starting point all the 3 disks seem preallocated (same method as above)
- after creating a snapshot, if I select the "Current" line the 3 disks are
all thin-provision, if I select the line of the taken snapshot instead the
disks are all preallocated.

Any comments or suggestions about the points above?

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