I've spent the last week trying to get Foreman to work (see SSL question
2017-10-11) but no one answers in their IRC or mailing list. So I tried
cobbler instead and I had it working in just a couple of hours! I'm
further along today than a week of foreman's constant problems. Hooray!

Here's where I am at now, if I manually configure a VM in Ovirt I can
provision it from Cobbler. Great!

What I would like to do is to have an easy way from Ovirt say "Grab this
cobbler profile and build me a new VM with this template". In my
searches on line, I haven't found anything like that. It seems the
closest I'm going to get is to use Koan. However, I've not found great
information for using Koan with Ovirt. My attempts so far of installing
Koan on the Ovirt Management host and trying to get it to provision have
all resulted in Koan trying to build a KVM _on_ the management host; not
in Ovirt.

Does anyone have any good documentation for setting up Cobbler
integration into Ovirt? Or at least getting Koan to work with the two?


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