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> Hi all,
> I’m happy to announce that we finally finished initial contribution of oVirt 
> specific support into the Cockpit management platform
> See below for more details
> There are only limited amount of operations you can do at the moment, but it 
> may already be interesting for troubleshooting and simple admin actions where 
> you don’t want to launch the full blown webadmin UI
> Worth noting that if you were ever intimidated by the complexity of the GWT 
> UI of oVirt portals and it held you back from contributing, please take 
> another look!
> Thanks,
> michal
> Very nice work!

also note the cockpit automation testing framework which now covers operations 
on top of stable oVirt environment.

> Where is this going? Are all WebAdmin features planned to be supported at 
> some point? Its kinda nice to be able to access and manage the systems from 
> any one of the hosts instead of having to know where the engine is…

note for anything meaningful it does need engine API connection, that’s not 
going to change really due to the oVirt architecture. 
But who knows how it goes.…:) There are pieces of functionality and 
configuration which can be done against oVirt VMs at the libvirt level, like 
Marek mentioned “shutdown” action, but mostly it’s introspection. With the 
parallel “VM XML” effort which gets in 4.2 we do have a complete VM definition 
in form of libvirt XML….so the cockpit code should be able to figure out a lot 
of properties from what it can see, and connect it with engine's information 
(e.g. it sees network interfaces from libvirt XML and it can correlate it to 
engine’s logical networks)
But for large part of webadmin functionality it’s not really feasible, engine 
does a lot of things, and making changes without the visibility to the whole 
setup is not a good idea…


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