Hello,  I've recently ran into a problem after removing an old nfs
mounted ISO domain and recreating it using glusterfs.  When I attempt
to upload an iso using engine-iso-uploader it shows that it's
attempting to access the storage domain via nfs.

DEBUG: /bin/mount -t nfs -o rw,sync,soft

from the engine server I am able to mount the gluster volume from the
above path without issues.  Iguess I'm confused as to why it's
attempting to connecting using nfs when I created the storage domain
for it using glusterfs.

I have 1 ovirt engine server with 7 host/hypervisors and a 3 node
replicated gluster volume.  I've created seperate storage domains for
VM images(data) and for ISO images.  Both storage domains are
accessible from the engine server and all host.  Meaning I'm able to
mount the glusterfs volume from all 8 servers.
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