CentOS 7.4 (Fresh install)
oVirt 4.2.0-0.0.master.20171030093856.gitc4dc9af.el7.centos

When I deployed hosted-engine I got a DNS warning just before the
configuration preview step.

WARNING: Host name <short hostname> has no domain suffix
WARNING: Failed to resolve <short hostname> using DNS, it can be resolved
only locally


Host address                       : <short hostname>

However hostname and hostnamectl return a FQDN, domainname on the other
hand returns (none)

dig <short hostname> as used by the installer fails to return IP address

nslookup <short hostname> does return the correct FQDN and IP address

Installation did finally suceed, but it took an age ( 20 + minutes )
looking like the process had hung waiting for VDSM
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