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> On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 2:45 PM, CRiMSON <> wrote:
>     What is the *proper* way. Cause I've come across quite a few different
>     ways reading on this how to get it done. Some say do it by hand, others
>     say never do it by hand use the vdsClient, others say do it this way. I
>     mean between forum posts, blogs, it seems there are multiple ways to do
>     this. With no concrete "This is how you should do it"
> Through the GUI in admin portal. Main page about logical network i here:
> Near the end of the page there is the section regarding Bonds, how to create
> them and also how to configure with particular customization.

That works if you want to add to the bond.  It doesn't work if you want
to completely remove/change the bond (because -- oops -- you'll lose

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