Yes, I install the guest tools and USB as well.


I also tried to change the following

Graphics Protocol: VNC
Video Type: QXL

I only open the console from the ovirt administrative portal (console.vv) and 
the window open up.
Best Regards
Steven Foo

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On 9 Nov 2017, at 09:45, Foo, Steven 
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We are testing the KVM for first time.

RHEV-M Host: Version
RHEV-H Node: ovirt-node-ng-installer-ovirt-4.1-2017102306

OS: Windows 10
Broswer: Chrome / Firefox
Viewer: virt-viewer-x64-6.0

After installing the above and setup DC, Domain Storage/ISO, Host and install a 
test linux centos 7 VM.

Installation goes find. It was able to boot up after install.

We face the issue where by the console screen mouse just get hang and keyboard 
is not responding.

Our setting for console is as below:
Graphics Protocol: SPICE
Video Type: QXL

We tried other setting as well, however the console mouse and keyboard is not 

and did you install guest tools?
does it work differently when you use VNC? Or different client (Linux), or 
different version of virt-viewer

Any idea?

Best Regards
Steven Foo

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