Just got test setup of oVirt 4.1 running. 
Seem to be really brilliant piece of software.

1) Defined local storage domain.

Create virtual disk - thin provisioning makes RAW images by default instead of 
It preallocated all space in advance.
I looked inside META file in the same folder as disk image - it is marked as 

May be its converted to RAW because I formatted it as 3 partitions: SWAP + Boot 
Ext4 + Root Ext4 ?
Should I use single Ext4 partition per virtual disk image to keep it QCOW2 ?

Is there any way to change this behaviour, or convert RAW into QCOW2 within 
oVirt? Certainly I can do it with QEMU, but image become unregistered, or may 
be some functionality become broken.

2) SWAP partition - is it better to create small 1GB SWAP as RAM disk or use 
4GB partition on virtual RAW disk, or I’m wrong here ?

Thanks in advance.
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