Hello everybody,
I have a node where I installed nfs storage and I have a second nfs network
storage. My node have a bond (4) with two nics and the other storage have a
bond with 4 nics.

My oVirt engine runs as a VM on my network storage.

The bond on the node side is relative new, before I had this setup, the
speed was good. But at the same time I also move my ovirt engine from a
third server to the network storage.

My problem is now, when I move a VM disk from the network storage to the
storage on the node, I have very pure speed. A VM with 140GB takes more
then an hour to transfer.

When I make speed tests with iperf3 I got this speed:
- from oVirt to network storage: 20Gbits/s
- from network storage to node storage: 9.5Gbits/s
- from ovrit to node storage 9.5 Gbits/s

When I transfer a VM disk, iftop shows almost no traffic.

Have you an idea what is happen here?

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