Not sure if I understand your scenario correctly. I will try to help.

Can you deploy an ovirt manager managing a single oVirt host with a 2TB
SATA disk attached locally? Yes, you can.

But unless you are planning to make that setup grow afterwards by adding
extra hosts and probably shared storage, it does not make a lot of sense.

Also, the ovirt manager will have to be either a separate physical
server of a VM hosted elsewhere. For a self-hosted engine you will need
more than one oVirt host and some shared storage. I would say the
minimum setup would be 3 nodes and a shared storage, either external or
with gluster.

Also, RHEV 2.2 to oVirt 4.1 is a reeeeally long version jump, probably
some of the wiser folks in the mailing list can give you better
information, but I think that you will probably not be able to do a
direct migration, you will either have to deploy new, export the VMs and
import them, or do upgrades to some intermediate versions first.

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On 16/11/17 00:48, Julio Cesar Bustamante wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have to migrate from Red Hat Virtualization Manager 2.2 to Ovirt
> 4.1. But I have a question, is it possible configure a Ovirt manager
> and a Ovirt Host with and a 2Tb sata disk and virtualize two o more
> virtual machine on this Ovirt host ?
> What do you recommed ?
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> Julio Cesar Bustamante.
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