hi Yaniv,
yes for sure I hit some cache in between but not the vm cache, it has a 4GB
ram, with oflag=direct I get about 120MB/s

for the data analysis the cache is our friend:)

The backend is a lustrefs 2.10.x.
yes we have dedicated 10G on the hosts, where we can limit the vm interface
to 10Gbit?

Am 19.11.2017 8:33 nachm. schrieb "Yaniv Kaul" <yk...@redhat.com>:

On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 7:08 PM, Arman Khalatyan <arm2...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, in our environment we got pretty good io performance on VM, with
> following configuration:
> lustrebox: /lust mounted on "GATEWAY" over IB
> GATEWAY: export /lust as nfs4 on 10G interface
> VM(test.vm): import as NFS over 10G interface
> [r...@test.vm <r...@gans.vm> ~]# dd  if=/dev/zero bs=128K count=100000

Without oflag=direct, you are hitting (somewhat) the cache.

> of=/test/tmp/test.tmp
> 100000+0 records in
> 100000+0 records out
> 13107200000 <(310)%20720-0000> bytes (13 GB) copied, 20.8402 s, 629 MB/s
> looks promising for the future deployments.

Very - what's the backend storage?

> only one problem remains that on heavy io I get some wornings that the vm
> network is saturated, are there way to configure the bandwidth limits to
> 10G for the VM Interface??

Yes, but you really need a dedicated storage interface, no?

> thank you beforehand,
> Arman.
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