I'm trying to assign a USB3 controller to a CentOS 7.4 VM in oVirt 4.1
with USB redirection enabled.

I've created the following file in /etc/ovirt-engine/osinfo.conf.d:

01-usb.properties with content

os.other.devices.usb.controller.value = nec-xhci

and have restarted ovirt-engine.

If I disable USB-support in the web interface for the VM, the xhci
controller is added to the VM (I can see it in the qemu-kvm
commandline), but usb redirection is not available.

If I enable USB-support in the UI, no xhci controller is added (only 4
uhci controllers).

Is there a way to make the controllers for usb redirection xhci controllers?



Rik Theys
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