Once upon a time, andreil1 <andre...@starlett.lv> said:
> Hi !
> I would like to warn all who try to use engine-setup via MacOS X SSH terminal.
> It throws a lot of errors and fails (seems to relate to differently named 
> UTF8 locales). 
> From Linux PC everything is fine.
> [root@node00 ~]# engine-setup 
> [ ERROR ] Yum unknown locale: UTF-8
> [ ERROR ] Yum unknown locale: UTF-8

Is it really setting the locale ($LANG) to UTF-8?  If so, that's wrong;
UTF-8 is a character encoding, not a locale.  A proper locale would be
something like en_US.utf8.

You should be able to override it after login by setting it, like:

# export LANG=en_US.utf8

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