Hi all and a happy new year,

I am just testing oVirt 4.2 using a three node gluster hyperconvergence
and self hosted engine setup. How should this setup be shutdown and
started again? Here is what tried an experienced:


1. Shutdown all VMs

2. Enable global ha maintenance

3. Wait for all VM

4. Shutdown hosted-engine using "hosted-engine --vm-shutdown"

5. Wait for stopped hosted engine

6. Shutdown all nodes


1. Switch on all nodes

2. Start glusterd on all nodes since it does not start by default (is
this a bug?) using "systemctl start glusterd*"*

3. Check volume status using "gluster peer status" and "gluster volume
status all" on one of the nodes

4. Wait for ovrt-ha-agent until "hosted-engine --vm-status" does not
fail anymore printing "The hosted engine configuration has not been
retrieved from shared storage. Please ensure that ovirt-ha-agent is
running and the storage server is reachable."

4. Start hosted engine "hosted-engine --vm-start" on one of the nodes

5. Check status using "hosted-engine --vm-status" and wait until health
reports good

6. Wait until a host got the SPM role

7. Start VMs

Is this the best/correct way?

Kind regards,

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