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    I need to create an old oVirt Windows VM. The VM has an old
    licensed product that we can no longer get a licensed reissued
    for. It looks like I need to feed back the original qemu UUID
    that was used when the VM was created.

    I have an engine config backup and a backup of the oVirt storage

    I viewed the engine backup, but the format as-is doesn't give any
    obvious configuration details of the VMs at the time of the
    backup.  Is the UUID as obvious as the file name of the VM's boot
    volume UUID name?

I think it's the field 'vm_guid' in the table 'vm_static'.

You can restore the backup on a temp vm somewhere - make sure it has no
access to your hosts so that the engine will not start to manage them -
or just look at the db dump. The backup is a tar file, and you can look
at db dumps inside it using 'pg_restore filename | less'.

    The guest UUID is configurable per VM in Edit dialog, you can use
    a custom value

Thank you, I was able to get the UUID back!

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