Hi all

After screwing my infra with the update to 4.2 (probably a bad
manipulation), i am planning a rebuild of the entire infra. First i want to
replace my NFS storage with a glusterfs storage. All documentation tell me
that i need 3 hosts.. but for the moment i only have 2 but planning to had
more later.

So does it make sense to start with 2 hosts and use glusterfs as the
storage domain(lets says with a replicate of two with all its limitations).
If it make sense,
1- what is the best way to do it.
2- how hard will it be to had the 3rd host when available and make it
replica 2+arbiter.

Also in a setup where i have 3 hosts (replica 2+arbiter) does all the 3
hosts can run users vm?

Thanks for your inputs.

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