Quick questions about Nodes (in order to not hijack the other thread).

As they don't have much notion of persistence how can I:

- To have a simple configuration backup in order for, if the Operating System disk fails I reinstall the Node, restore the config and everything comes back up fine ? Backing up /var /etc and /root folders would be enough or anything else ?

- If I install something custom (e.g: A Zabbix Agent) it works until the host receives a new system/image Upgrade. Is there any way that can be made persistent ?

- As oVirt-Nodes are images, if I install them in a SD Card or USB Stick will be there much write to disk still ? Other than possibly the logs and configuration changes what else could be written to disk ?

If so a Feature Request to solve this would be to mount the logs partition in RAM as the Node boots and logrotate that. If someone needs to keep it more time can always use rsyslog


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