Dear oVirt-ers,

Here are my steps to upgrade oVirt 4.1.8 (Active Directory connected) to 4.2 
and results:

1. oVirt 4.1.8 (This version is reached by several upgrades starting from oVirt 
- engine - dedicated machine
- Data center A/2 clusters - Cluster 1/2 virtualization  hosts - cluster 2/1 
virtualization host. Data center is used only by 1 Active Directory user - this 
user is not SuperUser and can create and manage virtual machines;
- Data center B /1 cluster - Cluster 1/2 virtualization hosts. Data center is 
used by several Active directory users (Non SuperUser) - every user can create 
virtual machines. User can see only own machines in VM portal.

2. oVirt 4.2 - observation after upgrade:
- Virtual machines disappeared in VM portal. All virtual machines are visible 
in Admin portal. Granting SuperUser role to particular user brings back all 
virtual machines in VM portal and every user can see all virtual machines. 
After removing SuperUser role - virtual machines are not visible in VM portal. 
I still cannot find permissions combination so every user can see only own 
machines. I found quite inconvenient in  my use case scenario to discontinue 
adding disk to newly created virtual machine in VM portal.

3. oVirt 4.2.1 - pre release - pretty much the same behavior.

Any comment or advice will be appreciated.

Thank you!

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On 01/12/2018 05:53 PM, Michal Skrivanek wrote:
>> On 12 Jan 2018, at 12:27, Giorgio Biacchi < 
>> <>> wrote:
>> It's the same for me also.
>> Ovirt is connected to FreeIPA this time, so it seems not to be bound 
>> to a specific AAA engine extension.
>> Do we have to submit a new bug on bugzilla??
> Looks like ?
> Somehow it diappeared in recent 4.2.1 builds, can you check that by 
> any chance on your setup too?

I just enabled Ovirt Release Pre repo and updated to but the 
problem still is present. I've done a test, as a user I created a Vm, the Vm is 
visible from Vm Portal. From the admin portal I removed the UserVmManager 
permission on that Vm. From the Vm Portal the Vm go away. So far so good.

Then I re added the previously removed permission to the Vm but the Vm do not 
appears in the Vm portal once I log back in as a normal user.


> Thanks,
> michal
>> Regards
>> On 01/11/2018 02:04 PM, Latchezar Filtchev wrote:
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> The same here. Upgrade 4.1.8 to 4.2. oVirt connected to Active Directory. 
>>> User cannot see machines in VM portal. Still playing with permissions.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Thank you!
>>> Best,
>>> Latcho
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>>> Hello Guys,
>>> i recently upgrade to 4.2
>>> We used the User Portal before. Every User could see his__ VM´s, 
>>> every Admin just could see his VM´s ( User View ).
>>> After the Update:
>>> Admin´s can see every VM in VM Portal The Users can´t see Vm´s 
>>> anymore. The Portal is Empty. Role “UserVMManager”
>>> is set.
>>> We tested some Scenarios: If the User create a new Virtual Machine, 
>>> it is shown in the VM Portal. When he log out and in again -> VM is 
>>> gone in his View Admin View: The VM was created, Permission where 
>>> set. Everything seems to be good.
>>> Any Ideas? Thanks Guys__
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