On Jan 18, 2018 5:29 PM, "Jayme" <jay...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still deciding on storage solutions and have not made up my mind yet.
> GlusterFS may be an option but I'm not sure about performance and maintenance.
> It sounds to me like GlusterFS with secondary replicated gluster volume would
> work quite well as a disaster recovery solution but I'd also need
> historical/incremental backups as well, either of the VMs or at the very least
> some important files within such as production DBs etc, which may be possible
> with a secondary backup method using rsync or something along those lines.

-Gluster has a geo-replication based backup which is very cool and
integrated to oVirt UI.

> It seems to me that there is not a great backup solution for oVirt yet which I
> find hard to believe.  I don't understand why backing up oVirt VMs has to be
> so complicated, compared to other products.  I was hoping that 4.2 would
> change that and allow for easier more resource efficient backing solutions.

-It certainly does. See the DR work (and youtube video).

** I have yet to see a working script that does a VM backup from oVirt 4.2
to NFS storage?? I have spent days testing and trying all the scripts I can
find, most are old and all seem to fail in different ways. I have even coded
my own script using bash/curl/RestAPI and hit a dead end there as well with
not finding any docs on how to backup an inactive disk from a attached
snapshot. You¹d think oVirt would have something better for a DR solution or
at least make it so you dont have to become an oVirt Dev Contributor to be
able to backup your Vms? **

I would love to see a clear example of how to do VM backups from the command
line in a script so I can move on to rolling out oVirt 4.2 ;)


> On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 11:08 AM, Dan Yasny <dya...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> If you are using NFS, you might find it easier and more efficient to use a
>> solution outside oVirt.
>> I've documented an initial attempt at backing up machine images with backy2
>> at 
>> https://dyasny.blogspot.ca/2017/06/exploring-backup-options-for-rhvovirt.html
>> It is harder to do with block storage and frankly I haven't had the time to
>> get to doing it there, but NFS is simple enough, and what you get is pretty
>> robust, deduplicated backup, in some ways similar to the typical VM backups
>> you get from Veeam and Altaro on other platforms (sans the GUI of course).
>> On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 9:59 AM, Jayme <jay...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I've been running a non-production oVirt setup for a while and plan on
>>> building a more robust oVirt setup for eventual production use.  Part of
>>> that planning of course is backup/disaster recovery options.
>>> I've been playing around with a few options to backup oVirt, I'm sure most
>>> of you are aware of them.  The github webfix it python scripts, and starting
>>> to look at bacchus as well although have not set it up or tested bacchus
>>> yet. 
>>> The webfix it python script is fairly simple to setup and seems to work ok
>>> as intended, even on 4.2, but it's definitely clunky in terms of having to
>>> snapshot, clone, export.  A lot of resource usage.  I assume bacchus most
>>> likely uses the same method of snapshot/clone/export as well (due to what
>>> was available in oVirt at the time these scripts were written).
>>> My concerns with using something like these are:
>>> 1. It's using old 3x api -- which is fine for now but probably not with
>>> oVirt 4.3
>>> 2. Inefficient / resource intensive
>>> 3. Using export domain which is depreciated
>>> From what I've read in oVirt documentation the Export domain is depreciated.
>>> I assume that this means that instead of a export domain you could instead
>>> create a regular data domain for backups that can be detached and attached
>>> to another environment, is that the correct assumption?
>>> I've also read that it might be possible to skip the cloning of the VM part
>>> and export snapshots directly.  Is this now possible in 4.2 or will be in
>>> the future?  if it is possible to perform VM backups without cloning to a
>>> new VM first is anyone aware of any scripts/software that is available now
>>> which takes advantage of that?
>>> Essentially all I want is a simple solution to backup my VMs to separate NFS
>>> storage.  If for some reason my main storage crashes I then have the option
>>> to connect that backup NFS storage to a secondary stand alone oVirt instance
>>> and run my VMs from there until the primary oVirt instance is repaired.
>>> What I want to avoid is implementing an older more inefficient solution that
>>> might work for a while but will eventually no longer work due to ovIrt
>>> updates in the future.
>>> I know options like active-active failover and georeplication exist but that
>>> may be too complex for my needs although I would be interested in hearing
>>> about how some of you may be implementing these features.
>>> In summary, I'd trying to figure out what the best backup option may be
>>> going forward with oVirt in the future so I can implement the best option
>>> from the start rather than having to change it all around in the near
>>> future. 
>>> Thanks!
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