Hi !

What is optimal setting for oVirt KVM guests for database hosting on Xeon 
server (2 x Xeon 4-core each) (in my case this is Firebird based 
accounting/stock control system with several clients active)?

1st of course its preallocated disk image.
VirtO-SCSI enabled
Migration disabled.
Balloning disabled.
CPU shares disabled
Pass-through host CPU enabled

What should be other CPU settings?
For example, Xeon have 2 threads per core, should I set in oVirt 1 or 2 threads 
per virtual CPU?
IO Threads on or off?
Any idea of NUMA settings ?

Node running 4 VMs total, CPU load is quite low, RAM is enough to preallocate 
for each VM + 4GB for node itself.

Thanks in advance !
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