I am having an issue where when I use the REST API to connect a snapshot
from another VM to a Backup-Appliance-VM, after the clone when I remove the
Disk and delete the Snapshot, the disk remains in the Backup-Appliance-VM as
/dev/sdb ot /dev/vdb.

If I reboot the Bakup-Applicance-VM the disk disappears.

If I manually remove the disk by "echo 1 > /sys/block/sdb/device/delete² the
disk will disappear, but if I rescan the scsi bus, it is found and shows up
again in the VM OS, but the oVirt WebGUI does NOT show it as connected.

I am also not able to attach any other disks as it complains of :

HotPlugDiskVDS failed: internal error: unable to execute QEMU command
'__com.redhat_drive_add': Duplicate ID 'drive-scsi0-0-0-2' for drive

I did see that others in the past have gotten around this issue by rebooting
the Backup-Appliance-VM and then continuing on with the next VM backup and
looping through backup-reboot-backup-reboot-etc.

Anyone have an idea on how to solve this issue and remove the hooks from the
guest OS?

Steps to reproduce this issue:

1. Create a backup appliance VM to be used for the backup script execution
2. Currently I have the Vms set to virtio with threaded I/O enabled. Also
tried virtio_scsi with same result.
3. Using REST API ­ make snapshot of target VM
4. Using REST API ­ fetch vm metadata
5. Using REST API ­ attach the snapshot/disk to the Backup-Appliance-VM
6. dd the drive to backup folder
7. Using REST API ­ remove the disk from the Backup-Appliance-VM
8. Using REST API ­ delete the snapshot
9. ** Check the guest OS of the Backup-Appliance-VM and the mounted drive
from the backup above still appears and behaves as mentioned in comments

A second issue is that the above wont work when I have the Vms running on
MPIO iSCSI storage, so for testing I have moved to NFS4. Anyone have ideas
about either issue, I¹d love to hear ;)


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