Hi all,

I'm using VNC/noVNC for accessing the servers console in case of emergency.
The console works fine, but I have got repeadly warning on the screen,
that the wss://<host>:6100 could bot be connected with 3 recommendations

- process is running /the console works/
- I'm able to connect the 6100 port by teknet form my  pc
- the certificate is imported

In the /var/log/messages on HE I have found repeating message when the
dialog appears.

Jan 23 12:33:32 dipovirt-engine02 ovirt-websocket-proxy.py:
ovirt-websocket-proxy[356] INFO msg:871 handler exception: Incorrect padding

Nothing more is logged. The popus is quite annoing, since it appears
every few seconds.

my side:
        Mac OS X 10.13.2
        FireFox 57.0.4

tested also on Ubuntu and Firefox 57.0.4 and works good,no exception.

Any help or advise to figure what's wrong?
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