Hello Luca,

                 We are keeping the VLAN ID the same so would this work, not 
being a network expert can the same VLAN be tagged and native on the same port?


            Paul S.

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Il 22 gen 2018 7:49 PM, "Staniforth, Paul" 
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         We have an oVirt 4.1  cluster of 3 ovirt-nodes that currently on the 
management network don't have VLAN tagging enabled, we would like to enable 
VLAN tagging and so would be grateful of anyone had an information or 
experience doing this.

The management engine is running on a separate host and the 3 hosts are running 
oVirt Node 4.1.6

Hi Paul, i did the same with the same release.

The trick was to set the tagging also of the default vlan on the switch during 
the change from untagged to tagged.

In example, if you have to move your ovirtmgmt to vlan 10, you can set your 
port for serving the network both native and tagged so while changing the 
ovirtmgmt setup you will not lose the connectivity.

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