The ovirt-provider-ovn implements parts of OpenStack Networking API
(Neutron). This way every client for OpenStack Networking API may work
for the features which are already implemented by ovirt-provider-ovn.
I successfully used the neutron cli, e.g. by
OS_CACERT=/etc/pki/ovirt-engine/ca.pem neutron ovn-nbctl

The library shade [1] is very usable, because you are able to restrict
to parts of the API which are already implemented.

Ansibles os_* modules [2] are not yet working fluently because of some
gaps in the API in the current implementation.

There are still many gaps in the implementation, e.g. NAT, but
you are welcome to report gaps in the API which hurts you as bugs on

There is no technical limitation in using the raw ovn-nbctl commands,
but this not supported.



On Tue, 23 Jan 2018 23:43:49 +0300
Dmitry Semenov <> wrote:

> I use OVN with linuxbridge. Where and how I may adjust routing, NAT
> etc. for virtual networks? ManageIQ doesn't see them (probably it is
> devoted that my switch type should be OVS) :(

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