I have been trying to get this worked out myself.

Firstly someone with a system permission will be able to see things from
the system level. I have been adding the permission at the cluster level,
but I also just can't seem to figure out the user portal in 4.2. they can
either see it all or nothing, even vms they create.

I have been using the permissions from this post to no avail.
These permissions have worked fine since 3.x days


On Jan 25, 2018 11:57 AM, "carl langlois" <crl.langl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> In 4.1 i was able to assign 1 user to one VM and in the user portal that
> same user was only seeing this specific VM. But with 4.2 i have trouble
> with permission.
> The way i add permission to a specific user is go click on the VM in the
> admin portal, then go in permission and add the user(active directory
> user). If i log back with this user on the user portal i do not see the VM
> that was given the permission.
> But if i add the same user in the system permission tab in the admin
> portal and give it the UserRole and log back to the user portal, now he can
> see all the VM but i only want the user to see is vm not all others ...
> there is a difference when the is add from the two different place.. is
> the attribute :
> when add from the sytem permission it add the (System) in the inherited
> permission colum,
> when add from the VM permission tab it does not have that..
> Any hints would appreciated.
> Carl
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