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> I’m attempting to get my first install of oVirt going in full swing.  I
> have all the hosts installed and an engine running. All is smooth. I’m not
> trying to connect to the Spice console with my Remote Viewer and I have no
> clue how to figure out what port I should be connecting too. I’ve been all
> over the web via google looking for a process to install / configure /
> verify spice is operational, but I’ve not been lucky. How do I go about
> connecting / finding the port numbers for my VM’s? I did open the firewall
> range required. I appreciate the help.
> -Marshall
I don't know if I correctly understand your question.
It is the web admin gui or the portal gui that takes care of using the
correct host ip (that is where the VM is running at that moment) and the
correct port on it to connect to the vnc/spice console.

At host side the qemu-kvm process for a particular VM will have this snip
in its command line (in my case it is a VM with console configured as

. . . -vnc,password -k en-us -spice
. . .

Take in consideration that if you live migrate this VM, it will seamlessly
change the host ip in the new qemu-kvm process on destination host and also
the port, if the previous one is already taken.
In recent releases of oVirt your spice client window will remain up and the
same both during and after the live migration of the vm, even if the
material host to which it connects changes.
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