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> Analyzing my command line I see the "-no-hpet" but I dont see the "hv_time"
> See below full comand.
> Any hints?
> What OS type do you have set for that VM? Make sure it matches the Windows
> version. That enables the hyperv enlightenments settings
> Thanks,
> michal

If I edit the VM, in general settings I see "Other OS" as operating system.
In General subtab after selecting the VM  in "Virtual Machines" tab I again
see "Other OS" in "Operating System" and the field "Origin" filled with the
value "VMware"

During virt-v2v it seems it was recognized as Windows 2008 though...

libguestfs: trace: v2v: hivex_value_utf8 = "Windows Server 2008 R2
libguestfs: trace: v2v: hivex_value_key 11809408

I can send all the log if it can help.
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