This might be a stupid question.  But I am testing out a 10Gb network
directly connected to my Freenas box using a Cat6 crossover cable.

I setup the connection (on device eno4) and called the network "Crossover"
in oVirt.

I dont have DHCP on this, but I can easy assign VMs a NIC on the
"Crossover" network, assign them an ip address (10.10.10.x) and everything
works fine.  But I was curious about doing this for the CentOS host as
well.  I want to test out hosting VM's on the NFS share over the 10Gb
network but I wasn't quite sure how to do this without breaking other
connections and I did not want to do anything incorrectly.

I appreciate your feedback!  I apologize if this  is a stupid question.

Running oVirt 4.1.8 on CentOS 7.4
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