I'm looking for some advice on or even just some examples of how other oVirt 
users have configured networking inside their clusters.

Currently we're running a cluster with hosts spread across multiple racks in 
our DC, with layer 2 spanned between them for VM networks. While this is 
functional, it's 100% not ideal as there's multiple single points of failure 
and at some point someone is going to accidentally loop it :)

What we're after is a method of providing a VM network across multiple racks 
where there are no single points of failure. We've got layer 3 switches in 
racks capable of running an IGP/EGP.

Current ideas:
- Run a routing daemon on each VM and have it advertise a /32 to the 
distribution switch
- OVN for layer 2 between hosts + potentially VRRP or similar on the 
distribution switch

So as per my original paragraph, any advice on the most appropriate network 
topology for an oVirt cluster? or how have you set up your networks?

Thank you

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