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Tim Thompson <ov...@a.inyourendo.net> wrote:

> All,
> I was wondering if someone can point me in the direction of the 
> documentation related to defining custom network filters (nwfilter)
> in 4.2. I found the docs on assigning a network filter to a vNIC
> profile, but I cannot find any mention of how you can create your
> own. Normally you'd use 'virst nwfilter-define', but that is locked
> out since vdsm manages everything. I need to expand clean-traffic's
> scope to include ipv6, since it doesn't handle ipv6 at all by
> default, it seems.

Custom network filters are not supported.
If you still want to use custom network filters, you would have to:
- add custom network properties on oVirt-engine level,
- add a hook like vdsm_hooks/noipspoof/noipspoof.py which modifies
  libvirt's domain XML to activate the custom network filter and
- be yourself responsible to deploy the custom network filter
  definition to all nodes
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