I've built and rebuilt about 4 oVirt servers.  Consider myself pretty good at 
this.  LOL.
So I am setting up a oVirt server for a friend on his r710.  CentOS 7, ovirt 
4.2.   /etc/hosts has the correct IP and FQDN setup.

When I build a VM and try to open a console session via  SPICE I am unable to 
connect to the graphic server.  I'm connecting from a Windows 10 box.   Using 
virt-manager to connect.

I've googled and I just cant seem to find any resolution to this.  Now, I did 
build the server on my home network but the subnet its on is the same.. 
internal 192.168.1.xxx.   The web interface is accessible also.

Any hints as to what else I can check?


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