Hey Guys,

We got about 50 Users and 50 VLANS. Every User has his own Vlan.

With 4.1 they could login in that User Portal. Select an Template or create a 
new VM. Add a Disk and connect to there Nic.

I see that is no option to add a Disk anymore with 4.2 -> okay that's fine for 

So they just can use Templates. But, there is now option to add the VM to a 
nic. So I guess the Template nic is being used.

But our Templates don't got a nic because the user has his own networks.

That mean I need to add about XX more Templates with every nic in it?

Oh common :)

No way to add a nic via VM Portal? That really make the VM Portal unusable for 

We canĀ“t be the only one using Templates like that. Now every VM set up in VM 
Portal is in one network, that's not good or do I miss something?

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