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>>>>>I've built and rebuilt about 4 oVirt servers.  Consider myself pretty good
>>>>> at this.  LOL.
>>>>> So I am setting up a oVirt server for a friend on his r710.  CentOS 7, 
>>>>> ovirt
>>>>> 4.2.   /etc/hosts has the correct IP and FQDN setup.
>>>>> When I build a VM and try to open a console session via  SPICE I am unable
>>>>> to connect to the graphic server.  I'm connecting from a Windows 10 box.
>>>>> Using virt-manager to connect.
>>>>>What happens when you try?
>>>>Unable to connect to the graphic console is what the error says.  Here is 
>>>>the .vv file other than the cert stuff in it:
>>> type=spice
>>> host=
>>> port=-1
>>> password=<removed>
>>>Password is valid for 120 seconds.
>>> fullscreen=0
>>> title=Win_7_32bit:%d
>>> toggle-fullscreen=shift+f11
>>> release-cursor=shift+f12
>>> tls-port=5900
>>> enable-smartcard=0
>>> enable-usb-autoshare=1
>>> usb-filter=-1,-1,-1,-1,0
>>> tls-ciphers=DEFAULT
>>>Port 5900 is listening by IP on the server, so that looks correct.  I shut 
>>>the firewall off just in case it was the issue..no go.
>> Did you verify that you can connect there manually (e.g. with telnet)?
>> Can you run a sniffer on both sides to make sure traffic passes correctly?
>> Can you check vdsm/libvirt logs on the host side?
> Ok.. I must have tanked it on install with the firewall.  The firewall is 
> blocking port 5900.  This is on CentOS 7.  If I flush the rules, it works.

Thanks for the report.

Did you choose to have firewall configured automatically, or did you
configure it yourself?

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