> On 16 Feb 2018, at 00:13, Yeun, Chris (DNWK) 
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> ​Hello,
> How do you move a VM to another cluster within the same data center? I have a 
> cluster running ovirt 3.5 nodes. I created another cluster with hosts running 
> CentOS 7 (ovirt 3.6 version) and want to move VMs to this cluster. The 
> compatibility mode for everything is 3.5.
> I tried shutting down a VM, but I cannot select the other cluster.

that should work, just edit the VM and move to a different cluster. Does it 
give any reason why you cannot do that?

> Also live migration fails as well to the new cluster.

yeah, that should not work. How exactly does it fail to migrate? I guess you’re 
using the migration dialog and migrate to the new cluster (that’s 
removed/hidden in 4.1) It’s going to fail with a specific error/reason (might 
be missing network or mismatch in cluster settings). Such error would only be 
in vdsm.log somewhere...


> Thanks,
> Chris
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