I have oVirt setup, separate PC host engine + 2 nodes (#10 + #11) with local 
storage domains (internal RAIDs).
1st node #10 is currently active and can’t be turned off.

Since oVirt doesn’t support more then 1 host in data center with local storage 
domain as described here:
defined another data center with 1 node #11.

1) can’t copy or move VM disks from node #10 (even of inactive VMs) to node 
#11, this node is NOT being shown as possible destination.
2) can’t migrate active VMs to node #11.
3) Added NFS shares to data center #1 -> node #10, but can’t change data center 
#1 -> storage type to Shared, because this operation requires detachment of 
local storage domains, which is not possible, several VMs are active and can’t 
be stopped.

VM disks placed on local storage domains because of performance limitations of 
our 1Gbit network. 
2 VMs running our accounting/inventory control system, and are critical to NFS 
storage performance limits.

How to solve this problem ?
Thanks in advance.


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