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> Hello everyone!
> Thank for your time to analyize my problem. Totally, i have two question.
> I encountered vm image lock problem. The following action is what i have
> to and make the vm image locked.
> First, i imported a vm. Since it is take too long time to import and the
> engine.log always repeatly said it was waiting child command id.
> "2018-02-23 16:37:46,603+08 INFO  [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.
> ConcurrentChildCommandsExecutionCallback] 
> (EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-16)
> [1c44d543-4dcc-429d-a172-386cc860afe0] Command 'ImportVm' (id:
> '09718bd2-797d-4323-b1ad-1a85604543c3') waiting on child command id:
> '9e285b2d-c0c7-4a75-8c70-b619b45c6855' type:'CopyImageGroup' to complete
> "
> So,I thought the operation was not normal. So,
> 1. I use "./unlock_entity.sh" to unlock the virtual disk of the vm.
> 2. Virtual disk was unlocked but vm was still locked. Therefore, i use
> "./unlock_entity.sh" to show locked vm. But there was nothing.
> 3. Then i used "./taskcleaner.sh" to clean all task. But nothing happen.
> Q1: So, now, i would like to ask how to unlock the vm image so that i can
> delete or use it.
> Q2: In addition, there are two error or warning appeared in engine.log
> 1. 2018-02-23 09:57:19,495+08 WARN  
> [org.ovirt.engine.core.utils.servlet.ServletUtils]
> (default task-272) [] File'/usr/share/ovirt-engine/ui-plugins/dashboard-
> resources/css/main-tab.d3769419.css' is 2839039 bytes long. Please
> reconsider using this servlet for files larger than 1048576 bytes.
> 2. 2018-02-23 09:47:39,656+08 ERROR 
> [org.ovirt.engine.core.utils.servlet.ServletUtils]
> (default task-193) [] Can't read file 
> '/usr/share/ovirt-engine/files/spice/SpiceVersion.txt'
> for request '/ovirt-engine/services/files/spice/SpiceVersion.txt', will
> send a 404 error response.
> Do you guys have any idea what do they mean?

This is pretty cool :) The SpiceVersion.txt has been used years ago for the
ActiveX SPICE client. This client is not in oVirt for ages, but we still
have the handling of this file in the code forgotten.

I have opened a bug to clean this up:
But don't worry about this error, it has no effect on the function.

> I really appreciate you help. Thank you!
> Regards
> Terry
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