I've set up a couple of machines to test out ovirt.


1.       centos 7 machine running ovirt 4.2 (kvm-manager)

2.       centos 7 machine running libvirt (kvm-server)


Using the ovirt web interface, I am trying to add a host (machine number 2).
I define the IP, user, pass, click OK, and again OK, confirming I don't want
to use power management. The status of the new host is now "Installing" and
after a few seconds becomes "Install failed"


I have a couple of error messages in the Events tab:


-          An error has occurred during installation of Host kvm-server:
Failed to execute stage 'Setup validation': Cannot locate ovirt-host
package, possible cause is incorrect channels.

-          Host kvm-server installation failed. Command returned failure
code 1 during SSH session 'r...@kvm-server.home.local'.


What I'm I doing wrong here?


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