You could try pNFS. It allows to access a data on a local storage directly 
bypassing NFS and even FS level.
Unfortunately, it requires SCSI Persistent Reservation feature so would not 
work all RAID controllers.

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Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Q: VM disk speed penalty NFS vs Local data center 

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 1:30 PM, Andrei Verovski 
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Since oVirt doesn’t support more then 1 host in data center with local storage 
domain as described here:

I have to setup NFS server on node with VMs (on same node) access via NFS.
10 GB shared storage is in the future plans yet right now have only 2 nodes 
with local RAID on each.

Q: What is VM disk speed penalty (approx %)  NFS vs Local RAID in oVirt data 
center storage?
Currently I have 2 VMs running our accounting/inventory control system which 
are critical to storage performance limits.
2 other VMs have very low disk activity.

I don't know, but please remember there's both latency and throughput, both of 
which are somewhat affected. Throughput will benefit from jumbo frames, for 
example. Unfortunately it may affect latency a bit.
There was an interesting patch that if the NFS was local, bypassed the NFS[1]. 
It was never completed and merged.
Lastly, chapter 6 at hyper-converged guide (should be available in few hours) 
might be an interesting idea for you to consider - a single Gluster that can 
later expand.


Thanks in advance
Andrei Verovski

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