I'm new in Ovirt, loving it, but i'm having some doubts when it comes to
add FCP Storage. I have two clusters, one called Production and the other
Development, each cluster with two nodes and i want to configure Data
Domain. My doubts are:

1 - Every nodes must have connection to de FCP? If only de SPM have it, if
it falls, who can connect to the storage?

2 - I have only one LUN in EVA HSV300 for me and i want to add three
Storage Domains (Data, ISO e Export). Is it possible? How? This is because
when i add data storage domain and choose the only LUN available it warn me
that all data is going to be lost "This operation might be unrecoverable
and destructive"

3 - Any advice about best practices about implementation?


Sérgio Marques
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